Learn & Execute Real-Time Project

"Learning Talend was never easy! it's now possible with this systematic learning course from Learning with Rohan" 

How to Learn & Execute Real-Time Projects using Talend?

"Learn how to design & develop industry-standard real-time projects by building end-to-end Talend ETL jobs in just 4 weeks"

Exclusive content to learn and execute real-time projects using Talend, SQL, Data warehouse, Data Lake, Big Data & AWS Cloud computing

Three easy steps to follow:

1. You can check out https://talendpro.com for more information.

2. Download the mobile app in which you can download free resources

a. Android - https://bit.ly/rohan-android-app

b. iOS - https://apple.co/3pM9AsH

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Topics Covered:

01. Talend Overview and other ETL tools in the market
02. Talend Architecture in detail
03. Working with files (Reading and Writing)
04. Working with database (Reading and Writing)
05. Best practices in the design & development
06. Context variables & Global variables
07. Metadata for re-usable connection
08. Different components like tmap, taggregate, tfilter etc
09. Working with multiple files in a loop
10. Working with FTP files
10. Working with API to extract data
11. Error handling in Talend
12. Talend job execution & debug run
13. Dynamic operations on source/target
14. Executing jobs in command line
15. Using Java components tJava, tJavaRow, tJavaFlex & Routines
16. Slowly Changing Dimensions in Talend
17. Talend jobs using AWS services (S3, RDS & Redshift)
18. Talend jobs using Big Data cluster (hdfs, hive & kafka)
19. Talend jobs using the snowflake database
20. Talend jobs data lake & data warehouse load

Check out the course: Talend Real Time Project

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